Fatty VS +

size: 48.00 W × 7.00 H × 40.00 L
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on All Components
Color Temperature *

1200 Watt, 2 Channel,  LED grow light fixture featuring Vero29 Generation 7 COB LEDs. Ideal for growing indoors in a greenhouse, tent or over a farming table. Using best-of-breed components the Fatty VS+ is quite literally the best of everything. The unit comes fully assembled (as shown) and ready to hang. 

Two channels feature 800 watts on the primary and 400 watts on the secondary channel, or 600 watts on each channel, allowing the grower the ultimate spectrum blending control from seed/clone to harvest.  The light comes with two dimmers, one controlling 6-8 COBs, and 1 controlling 4-6 COBs, giving the grower the ability to adjust the intensity of the power output and blend it between two different spectrum/color temperatures to achieve the perfect spectral output for each day of your plant's life.

Your choice of color temperatures on both channels give you the ultimate in customization.



25 Square Feet at 18 inches above canopy

PPFD:  1205 μmol/m²/s  



Total Wattage:  1260 W

PAR Wattage:  620 W

PPF:   2880 μmol/s  



Fixture Dimensions:  42 x 36 x 4 (in)

Weight:  58 (lb)

Power Cord Length:  10 Feet

Mounting Hardware:  Ratchet Straps (adjustable)

Dimmable:  10-100% Output



All fixtures are custom built to order in San Diego, CA. The current lead time from order placement to shipment is approximately 3-5 business days.


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Written by Ron on May 24th 2018

This light is amazing. I’ve grown with MH and HPS for 20 years and this puts them to shame! More light and the coverage is so even. Both channels are capable of being dimmed so you can dial in exactly what you want. The worksmanship is excellent and beyond professional. This the state of the art and will allow you to attain a completely new level of growing and yield per sq foot. Timber gets my loyalty and highest recommendations forever. Ron

Best light in the world.
Written by Jessie on Mar 17th 2018

I've been growing for a few years with 1,000w mh, 1,000w hps, c.f. and led. I have never had a plant react so fast to a new light. I'm running this at full blast in a 5x5 at 18 inches and the leaves are praying like holy rollers. I'm getting the same amount of light in the corners as I was getting in the dead center of the canopy with 1,000w hps. If you do a vast search you'll notice that this light is literally the best in the world atm. I'll report back in a couple months when I harvest but from what I can see I made the best purchase possible. This light will pay for itself really fast 2 years worth of eye hortilux hps would pay for it. Also, the light in the picture is the fatty cs. The fatty vs + has 2 dimmers and 6 drivers.

Fatty VS+.... A work of art
Written by Sean on Jan 27th 2018

To start, I have experimented with many, many lights over the years. These have ranged from quality bulbs, to Chinese LEDs to top shelf LEDs, such as California Lightworks, and relative to the other lights, I am stunned at how my 3 week vegged plants have reacted to this light in this short 24 hours. I took time lapses under my CLW and my new COB system and lets just say the COB video is the one I have been showing people today. The craftsmanship is top notch and I would highly recommend Timber to anyone considering COB let alone a DIY COB setup. Every facet and component of this light is functional and top shelf. Timber has won my heart (and wallet) with their quality and customer service. I could not be happier with my purchase and my overall experience. Thank you!

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