Model 3CS_TimberGrowLights_300_Watt_Square_Fixture

Model 3CQS

size: 24.00 W × 24.00 H × 6.00 L
Color Temperature *

300 Watt LED grow light fixture featuring Cree CXB3590 COB LEDs. Ideal for growing indoors in a greenhouse, tent or over a farming table. Using best-of-breed components the Model 3CS is quite literally the best of everything. The unit comes fully assembled (as shown) and ready to hang.



9 Square Feet at 18 inches above canopy

PPFD:  804 μmol/m2/s  



Total Wattage:  300 W

PAR Wattage:  160 W

PPF:  675 μmol/s  



Dimensions:  21 x 20 x 4 (in)

Weight:  16.4 (lb)

Power Cord Length:  10 Feet

Daisy Chain Capable:  Yes

Dimmable:  10-100% Output



All fixtures are custom built to order in San Diego, CA. The current lead time from order placement to shipment is approximately 10 business days.

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Written by J on Jun 20th 2017

Light came in extremely well packaged. Installed the light at 21 inches from my canopy and it covers the whole 3x3 tent im using . After 5 hours i noticed my leaves were buring(curling) so i moved the light to 25inches and lowered the power to 70-80% and my plants are happy again. I look forward to seeing what this light can do. It is very powerfull and well built. Its ready to go once you unwrap the packaging. Thank you timber growlights! I think rhis will be the best out of the 4 different leds i use.

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