200 Watt Citizen CLU048 (4) COB Grow Light Kit

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size: 14.00 W × 10.00 H × 10.00 L
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on All Components
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Include Ratchet Hangers (+ $10)

Using selected components considered by many to be the best combination of efficiency and light quality, we offer a 200 watt Citizen CLU048 COB DIY kit that comes with (4) Citizen CLU048 1212 LEDs pre-assembled and mounted on highly efficient green anodized aluminum pin cushion heatsinks using Arctic 5 Thermal paste - wired up to an industry leading power supply with waterproof quick connectors and a pre-wired potentiometer for dimming.  Fused 10A power cord and 18GA wire keep things safe.  You supply the frame and place the COBs in any arrangement to suit your growing area. 


Our kit comes pre-assembled - all you need to do is mount it to a frame and plug it in.  No wiring, soldering, drilling, tapping nor thermal pad application required - COB is already mounted on the heatsink with the reflector adapter.  Get up and growing fast and safely.


The kit contains the following components:


4 pcs Citizen CLU048 1212 Gen 6 COB LEDs

4 pcs Ideal COB Holder

4 pcs Ideal ANGELINA Reflector Adapter

4 pcs Green Anodized Aluminum Passive Pin Heatsinks rated at over 60 watts of power dissipation each - drilled and tapped with hardware for easy installation to your frame

Pre-wired Potentiometer dimmable to 10%

Power supply with waterproof interconnects for safe and easy installation - connected to a fused 10A power cord for safe operation



All kits are custom built to order in San Diego, CA. The current lead time from order placement to shipment is approximately 1 business day.



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Citizen Cob lights
Written by Raymond K. on Jul 2nd 2018

I’m what you can call an over thinker, before I buy any product I spend at least a month or more searching all products and reviews along with tremendous amounts of videos. I’m a skeptic, not because I don’t trust what business offer, but more I value my hard earn money. When I came across Timber Grow lights, I checked out their IG page and saw a lot of pics of their products, it didn’t look like most of the “famous” horticulture led pages you’d see but I decided for the product and price it was a no brainer. I received my lights very quickly, and for someone on a tight budget I can say I’m very impressed with not only the service but the product. Very high quality craftsmanship along with EASY DIY designs that made me feel a sense of accomplishment. And man I’d say invest in a great pair of sun glasses because in whatever room you have these lights it will be bright. Plants absolutely love the spectrum. And I love the different choices, will be buying a lot more very soon, don’t waste time in buying a light with all the hype. Build your own and timber grow light is a must for anyone serious about horticulture. 10 out of 10.

CLU048 200W
Written by John on Mar 17th 2018

I bought a set of four a year ago to augment an ill-advised LED fixture for a 3'x4' garden ... the extra 200W put things over the top! Dan was immediately responsive in getting me a part that had been 'misplaced'. I just purchased at 2nd bank of four as part of a new 2'x4' enclosed tent garden. The continuously variable output is a major plus when full output isn't needed for veg. I've found running about 3/4 power (150W) at 22" above seedlings produces vigorous growth...the second bank will be used at flower time for the full 400W. At full power, the MW power supply does get quite warm, but not hot. I run an 80mm muffin fan blowing along the PS, at which point it runs cold. The lamps themselves essentially run cold at 35W each, and warm at full output (50W each). The entire package is of the highest quality! I recommend this to anyone needing COBs in this output range.

Liked them so much I bought 3 units this year
Written by MICHAEL J. on Oct 3rd 2017

Great product and great service. Thanks Dan

Great kit, great support
Written by Jake on Sep 19th 2017

I bought this kit for adding supplemental lighting to my greenhouse - Dan was very helpful in providing longer wires to help with that, and even sending extra wire after the fact, gratis. Works great!

Written by jj on Jun 20th 2017

Speedy Delivery. Well Packaged. Bright^awesome!

Written by Stephen on Jan 23rd 2017

I'm very impressed with the overall experience with Timber Grow Lights. This kit is great. Very bright at 100%. Definitely buying another set. Thanks Dan.

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