200 Watt Cree CXB3590 (4) COB Grow Light Kit

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size: 14.00 W × 10.00 H × 10.00 L
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on All Components
Color Temperature *
Include Ratchet Hangers (+ $10)
Include Reflectors (+ $5 per reflector)

Using selected components considered by many to be the best combination of efficiency and light quality, we offer a 200 watt CREE CXB3590 COB DIY kit that comes with (4) Cree CXB3590 LEDs pre-assembled and mounted on highly efficient green anodized aluminum pin heatsinks using Arctic 5 Thermal paste - wired up to a Meanwell HLG power supply with waterproof quick connectors and a pre-wired potentiometer for dimming.  Fused 10A power cord and 18GA wire keep things safe.  You supply the frame and place the COBs in any arrangement to suit your growing area. 


Our kit comes pre-assembled - all you need to do is mount it to a frame and plug it in.  No wiring, soldering, drilling, tapping nor thermal pad application required - COB is already mounted on the heatsink with the reflector adapter.  Get up and growing fast and safely.


The kit contains the following components:


4 pcs Cree CXB3590 TOP BIN COB LEDs

4 pcs Ideal COB Holder

4 pcs Ideal ANGELINA Reflector Adapter

4 pcs Green Anodized Aluminum Pin Heatsinks drilled and tapped with hardware for easy installation to your frame

Pre-wired Potentiometer dimmable to 10%

Meanwell HLG dimmable power supply with waterproof interconnects for safe and easy installation - connected to a fused 10A power cord for safe operation



All kits are custom built to order in San Diego, CA. The current lead time from order placement to shipment is approximately 1 business day.



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Great Lights!
Written by Dan on Feb 26th 2018

Running these in a 2'x2' tent - great temps, super bright - plants seem to love them so far!

Cree cxb3590....
Written by Glenn on Feb 22nd 2017

The cree cxb 3590....r the way to go ...did side by side grow next to spectrum king 400 + and plants did way better under 250 watts of cree then under sk.....hard to believe but true....

Great Kit
Written by Mile S. on Feb 16th 2017

Dan was very patient and helpful with all of my questions (new to indoor growing). Package arrived on time, very discrete, and packaged so well I believe it could have been dropped down the stairs and survived nicely. Can't say how well it performs as I just started it up. WEAR SUNGLASSES! It's bright. The kit is very well thought out, and color coded connections make electrical assembly such that it is very unlikely to make a mistake. Too easy. I chose 1-1/2" x 1/8" aluminum for my frame. (probably overkill). Hardest part of assembly was making sure the measurements were spot on to align with the heatsinks. I recommend a drillpress. My space is small (2' x 3.5'), and the heat from the lights only raised the temp from 68 degrees to 72 degrees. So, they are very cool. Heatsinks are just warm to the touch. Quality product.

Great deal for DYI
Written by Closet Smoker on Jan 24th 2017

This is a great deal for someone not afraid to make a frame. All prewired connections are covered in heat shrink for safety. Color coded wire connections on the COBs make it easy to know that it is wired correctly. Comes with a power cord to plug into wall, plenty of connecting wire length provided. I made a unboxing and assembly video on YouTube, look for my channel under Closet Smoker. I did have one minor issue. The knob for the rheostat was missing in the kit, but Dan responded quickly and sent me one. Thank You!

200 Watt Cree Grow Light Kit
Written by AJ on Jan 17th 2017

This is a really nice light kit. The wiring, connectors, potentiometer, heat sinks all are good quality. Cree 3590s are top notch. Dan is a real class act, just a pleasure to talk The light produced (3500K) reminds me of a sunny summer afternoon, but the cob/heat sinks stay quite cool. I say"cool!"

2oo watt 3590 kit
Written by eric on Nov 16th 2016

Dan gave excellent service,very easy to deal with No hype,no bs these lights just work. Forget the panels that blow up halfway thru flower(good luck w/warranty) will deal with Timber again.

Excellent kit
Written by Josh on Nov 7th 2016

This kit is great. I started off by purchasing 2 of them for my tent. I've been using the 8 light led setup for about 3 1/2 weeks now and I can honestly say I'm thinking about adding four more, I like them so much

200 watt kit
Written by yooper420 on Oct 29th 2016

First email was responded to very promptly by Dan, and all others, for that matter. Customer service gets 5 stars. Kit came very well packed in a USPS box, very discreet. Bought 3/4 X 3/4 X 1/8 thick angle aluminum, as suggested, to build the frame from. Think it turned out to be an excellent decision to buy and build this light. In a few months we will see how well it works, after my first harvest that is. This light will be combined with 2 other LED`s, until I can replace them. Plan is to use 4 of these 200 watt LED`s to light my garden. Thank You Dan and Timber Grow Lights for an outstanding product.

Best kit and even better customer service.
Written by Mike on Sep 27th 2016

Not only is this kit insanely high high quality, from shink tube to built in fuses and materials in general. It really is as user friendly as it gets. Plug and play. Dan is a super helpful and great dude. I would recommend this kit and this company to anybody in the market for COB's. Hands down A++++

happy plants!
Written by optional :) on Sep 16th 2016

Great package, saves many hours of research and diy work. Not much more expensive than sourcing parts individually, and great customer service. Seriously, I spent ten's of hours researching and ended up coming right back to Timber. I'm happy I did, are so are my plants!

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