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400 Watt Vero29 V7 (4) COB Grow Light Kit

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size: 16.00 W × 10.00 H × 10.00 L
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on All Components
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Using selected components considered by many to be the best combination of efficiency and light quality, we offer a 400 watt Bridgelux Vero29 v7 COB DIY kit that comes with (4) Bridgelux Vero29 v7 LEDs pre-assembled and mounted on highly efficient green anodized Splayed Pin heatsinks - wired up to an industry leading power supplies with waterproof quick connectors and a pre-wired potentiometer for dimming.  Fused 10A power cord and 18GA wire keep things safe.  You supply the frame and place the COBs in any arrangement to suit your growing area. 


Our kit comes pre-assembled - all you need to do is mount it to a frame and plug it in.  No wiring, soldering, drilling, tapping nor thermal pad application required - COB is already mounted on the heatsink with the reflector adapter.  Get up and growing fast and safely.


This kit contains the following components:

4 pcs Bridgelux Vero29 V7 COB

4 pcs Green Anodized Aluminum Splayed Pin Heatsinks drilled and tapped with hardware for easy installation to your frame

2 pcs Pre-wired Potentiometers dimmable to 10%

2 pcs Power supplies with waterproof interconnects for safe and easy installation - connected to a fused 10A power cord for safe operation



All kits are custom built to order in San Diego, CA. The current lead time from order placement to shipment is approximately 1 business day.

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Grow light kits
Written by Doug on May 30th 2019

I have waited a long time to do my review. I was waiting for the first harvest. I did a lot of research trying to find the best suited lights for indoor growing. To me the only choice was LED cobbs. Dan was very helpfull answering all me questions. I bought the kit and the very next day I changed my mind and wanted to switch to a bigger kit. This was not a problem and the two kits werw shipped and arrived (Canada) on time no issues. Made my frame, the kit was color coded and lights went together easily. Alk you need is a few basic tools, no big deal and you save a couple of bucks. I do mean a couple as aluminum is not cheap. Used the yo-yo's that came with the kit and hung it. Happy days. I will tell you, the lights are bright. I walked up to the room and the door was partially open and all I could see was intense light coming out. I got the 3000k and they are great. Minimum power consumption and they produce results. Buds are frosty and no heavy heat coming off the lights. I have the lights 12" to 18" to the tops and no issues, the plants look great. Strongly recommend Timber Grow lights!

Written by Randy on Apr 12th 2019

This light is awesome. It is as bright or brighter than my 600W HPS with far less heat and power draw. I would recommend this to anybody in a second, I am using mine is a 2'x4' and it spreads light everywhere really equal. And the customer service is outstanding. AAA+++++++++++

400 Watt Vero29 V7 (4) COB Grow Light Kit
Written by Levi on Aug 22nd 2018

Where to begin? From the initial questions I had about coverage areas and seperate kits for my specific application, to cleaning recommendations, customer service was top notch, i have not had a better experience. Received the package within 5 days of ordering. Everything was packaged extremely well and came out of the box ready to plug-in and shine. My plants responded almost immediately to the new Timber Sun, after just a few adjustments in light intensity and height, i had all praying ladies, it couldn't have been easier. A big Thank You to the entire Timer crew for the new Sun! I plan to use these lights for years and years to come!

400w DIY
Written by mp on Feb 24th 2018

very well built. I am not a expert. But have been looking for 4 years. To buy a led. Almost took the bait. But just stayed with hps. Then I was on dudegrow podcast . they was talking about gromal5 dude the led man. So I started watching him I was dreaming this stuff. Then I found Timber grow lights. for my opinion this is one of the best lights. super nice heat sinks everything A+ stuff thank u Timber . mp from the big east wv

Vero29 V7 kit
Written by Elam on Feb 15th 2018

Good communication. Quick response. Fast shipping. Plants are staying healthy and responding well. Good quality parts. Plenty of attachment points for frame or whatever. Screws included. Plug in the wires. Hang them up. Plug them in. Put on your shades. You're cool. Easy. I like easy.

vero29c gen7 kit
Written by Adam on Dec 14th 2017

My lights arrived pretty fast and i live in Canada and its dec i didnt have to pay any fees on pick up. package was in good shape and packed well nothing was damage that i can notice. first time using them so cant really say how they are but there are plenty of reviews on vero29 to know this will rock! if i remember ill update on what i think at the end of my grow. thanks timber!

Amazing Package
Written by Matt on Aug 10th 2017

These lights are amazing! Setup was quick and easy. Heat output is barely noticeable. Fantastic customer service and quick delivery. Thanks again!

400 Watt Vero 29 kit
Written by Howard on Dec 28th 2016

A very professionally wired package. It took me 5 mins to plug everything together, it took me longer to take the components out of their bags. Super easy to assemble. The hardest part was making the frame, but that will be much easier the next time. Delivered in a discrete package, a super nice guy to deal with, I highly recommend.

400 watt Vero 29 gen 7
Written by Chris W. on Dec 19th 2016

First of all these lights are so bright you can't even stand to look at them. Awesome bright the customer service is impeccable . Very pleasant people to deal with and very helpful. The packaging is very good and the whole setup is top notch, with very good equipment. You can't go wrong with this setup. if I where to rate this company from 1-10 I'd most definitely give them an all around ten. My plants have never looked so good. Thanks Timbergrow lights

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