Introducing our newest lighting family – Magnolia.   

Our most advanced light to date featuring Samsung built LED Modules, each equipped with 600 individual 3500K LM301H and LH351H 660 nM deep red diodes for the ultimate in both full cycle and dedicated flowering operation.  Magnolia lights produce large amounts of power evenly at an 18-24” operating height.  

The all-aluminum frame and low-profile design are ideal for both tent and vertical farming environments that require high PPF levels.  We selected a CCT for this light of 3170K, highlighting the best of both 3500K in combination with additional targeted red spectral output to enhance flowering photobiological processes.

Designed with Meanwell drivers - each with fuse protection - helps to mitigate down time in the event of a power surge or electrical failure.

On board dimming standard - RJ12 connector option available for use with controller units.

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