Model 1CL

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size: 24.00 W × 8.00 H × 8.00 L
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on All Components
Color Temperature *
Include Ratchet Hangers (+ $10)
Include Reflectors (+ $5 per reflector)

100 Watt LED grow light fixture featuring Cree CXB3590 Top Bin COB LEDs. Ideal for growing indoors in a greenhouse, tent or over a farming table. Using best-of-breed components the Model 1CL is quite literally the best of everything. The unit comes fully assembled (as shown) and ready to hang.



3 Square Feet at 18 inches above canopy

PPFD:  857 μmol/m2/s  



Total Wattage:  100 W

PAR Wattage:  55 W

PPF:  240 μmol/s  



Fixture Dimensions:  21 x 8.25 x 4 (in)

Weight:  8 (lb)

Power Cord Length:  10 Feet

Daisy Chain Capable:  Yes

Dimmable:  10-100% Output



All fixtures are custom built to order in San Diego, CA. The current lead time from order placement to shipment is approximately 5-10 business days.

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Happy customer
Written by Rick F on Jul 15th 2017

I purchased 3 of these in different color temperatures to give flexibility. After 5 weeks the flowering was on point and looked incredible. I contacted Dan to add 4 more Cobs . I pulled the trigger on the extra Cobs at 2 pm and they were shipped that day and at my home 2 days later. Thanks for that Dan and for answering all my questions. The new Cobs were easy to add to each bar and came with the wires. I thought the buds were on point before, now I wish I hadn't hesitated to get 500 watts of these 3590 cree Cobs.

Written by Joey R. on Mar 9th 2017

I purchased this light a week, and a half ago. For starters, this light was built with high standards. Sold all round, and the output is living up to its reputation. My only complaint is that it took a while for them to ship my order, and when I inquired to them about my order they kept informing me that they will ship it next day. Now to be fair they did tell me that they were experiencing unfavorable weather. So no problem, and no harm done. Will be ordering from this company again. P.S I will mention again that my plants are loving the spectrum, they are just preying towards it. Love it!

3000k and 4000k 100w COBs
Written by Jared on Jan 19th 2017

I bought both the 3000k and 4000k model of this same 100w light. I'm not a professional grower of anything, so take my words with a grain of salt. This light is quite efficient, it's passive heatsinks get moderately hot/warm but not uncomfortable to the touch with ambient room temperatures of 70 - 75, not bad considering how still the air is (I should probably get a fan in general for better air circulation for my peppers and cactus plants). The color of the 4000k and 3000k lights are both quite white, but the 3000k has a notably warmer hue (still far closer to white than the orange glow of an HPS). I'll update my review later if I can think of more useful information to include. The only thing I wish these lights came with would be a lens for the storing the LEDs without worrying about damaging them.

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