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Model 3VL

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size: 48.00 W × 12.00 H × 6.00 L
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on All Components
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320 Watt LED grow light fixture featuring Vero29 Generation 7 COB LEDs. Ideal for growing indoors in a greenhouse, tent or over a farming table. Using best-of-breed components the Model 3VL is a full spectrum COB LED light designed for full cycle/flowering over a 2'x4' area.  The unit comes fully assembled (as shown) and ready to hang.

Please note, reflectors as shown are no longer available.  Recent integrated sphere testing has shown a loss of almost 8-10% in PAR wattage using the reflectors vs not.  Additionally, the light is able to be operated closer to the canopy with even PAR spread.



8 Square Feet at 18 inches above canopy

PPFD:  912 μmol/m²/s  


POWER (120-277 VAC):

Total Wattage:  320 W (~2.7A @ 120V; ~1.4A @ 240V)

PPF:  675 μmol/s  



Fixture Dimensions:  42 x 10 x 4 (in)

Weight:  15.2 (lb)

Power Cord Length:  6 Feet

Daisy Chain Capable:  Yes

Dimmable:  10-100% Output



All our lights are custom built to order in San Diego, CA.  Our current lead time is 8-10 business days.

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Written by Jeff on Aug 4th 2020

Absolutely fantastic. The entire process is great when ordering, and it gets to you faster than you think! Craftsmanship is second to none, and customer service is top notch. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Timber 3vl
Written by Durrell on Jul 15th 2020

It was worth the wait. The light is well constructed. Solid frame. Really impressed with the overall quality. This light penetrates very well. Will be ordering two single daisy for my 4x4 in the future. Thank you for the great customer service and product.

Written by Ric on Jun 27th 2020

Have had tremendous success grown autos with this light since Nov 2019. 2x4 tent. Plenty of light, not too hot, costs less than 25 bucks a month to run 24/7. Glad i bought these.

3 vl
Written by Bill on Jun 16th 2020

I ordered this light with 34 inch side rails for a 24x39 cabinet. Wow. What a great light and awesome service. I have two other timber lights , all are fantastic

Recent 3VL purchase
Written by Darren K. on May 16th 2020

First the things I like; spectrum, dimmable, foot print, and option to customize order free of charge. Things I think need improving; heat off front of light, lighter heat sinks even though I think they look great, more protection for diodes or front of light. Overall I am happy with my purchase and my plants are too.

Written by Flatrate on Apr 3rd 2020

Perfect coverage for a 2x4 area with ample amounts of power for the space, and runs very cool. I am more than satisfied with the fixture!

3VL Review
Written by TW on Feb 6th 2020

I recently purchased and installed three of the 3VL to replace a 1,000 watt HID lamp. Overall I’m extremely impressed with the quality of these lamps and the amount of light that they emit. They were packaged extremely well and arrived intact. The included daisy chain attachment enabled me to run multiple LEDs from one timer. Now I see why Timber has a top-notch reputation. Special thanks to Dan for his help in understanding different LEDs and the Timber models.

Written by Keith on Nov 6th 2019

I'm not a master grower by no means I'm a firm believer in the kiss (keep it simple stupid) method and these quality lights do just that.the dimmers make it easy to adjust throughout the different grow stages. My first room setup is 6 lights with 30 plants and I've figured out I can actually add another row uping to 45 plants. I've taken them from 6' clones to 2weeks in flower right now, and they are stacking like crazy. I'm so pleased I just added another room with 6 more lights. Highly recommend 5star.

Timber 3vl
Written by Gray on Sep 29th 2019

I recently purchased the 3vl. This is a well made, very powerful light and I would definitely reccomend it. It would be a 5 star review, except for one problem with my order... The website offers custom light configurations, and I requested 2x3000k bulbs on the ends, and one 3500k bulb for the middle light. When I received my light, all three bulbs were 3000k. Not a dealbreaker, but disappointing for sure, as I was assured over the phone of the custom configuration . Shipping was pretty fast to Canada, and the light performs very well. Gray, Ontario Canada

Model 3VL
Written by Anonymous on Jul 10th 2019

Cool light very happy my plants love this and my electric bill is lower thanks Dan cant to get my next two thanks

Best lights on the market
Written by Nick on May 13th 2019

These lights fuel my grows, by far the best quality for your buck. Highly recommend to new and experienced growers.

Written by Jeff Tate on Mar 20th 2019

I purchased three 3vl 3500k. So far I only have two of them mounted, my plants are loving them. Had some bent heat sinks from shipping, no big deal just straightened them up good to go. The only reason i'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 is, I haven't scene the finished result of my plants yet. I will leave another review or update this one at the end of my grow. Customer service was awesome.

Model 3VL - superior craftsmanship & customer service
Written by Gary H. on Aug 5th 2018

I wanted to first indicate that I have received my Timber grow light, and I must say that I am well pleased. The quality and workmanship of this product is nothingness than superior. It is evident from every aspect, that Timber Grow Lights take great pride in producing their product. I would also like to mention "Carlos" by name, as he was the one I spoke with initially when I was trying to figure out what I needed. When I called to place my order, I thought for sure I knew what I needed, but after talking to Carlos and giving him my exact measurements of my grow space - Carlos was instrumental in guiding me to another slightly different model of grow light that I had not considered. And to make things even better, it was customized to a different length and it was a slight bit cheaper than what I was initially looking at. I would ask everyone who is considering an LED grow light to due your research, as many companies put forth an enormous amount of capital in their marketing to reach the front page of Google, but this doesn't always mean that their product is the best. I myself did many hours of research before landing at Timber Grow lights, and I'm glad I did. I am well pleased with both the product and the customer service at Timber Grow Lights. As this is part 1 of my review, I will follow this up with part 2 after I have put this in use for the next growing operation. r/ Gary in Ohio

Written by Jeremiah on May 19th 2018

These are the best cob fixtures you can buy hands down. The price per watt, quality of the components used and obvious care taken when being built is why I keep coming back to timber.

Written by Khiry on Dec 13th 2017

First off no, blurple lights don't cut it. Cobs actually go toe to toe with hps while being more efficient. And usually are way cheaper watt for watt than the quality blue/red panel LEDs. I received a plain, brown box full of bubble wrap. Also there happened to be a very well put together light hidden in the bubble wrap somewhere. The green heatsinks really look nice in person. Nothing about the light is cheap and you can be sure that it'll arrive in good shape. Very professional packaging. If I had more space, I'd buy again in a heartbeat.

my new light the 3 vl
Written by Brian B. on Nov 3rd 2017

Not one thing i like about this light,, I ABSOLUTELY Love this light. This light is beyond my imagination on how bright it is. I've only had it running for 3 weeks . side by side next to some overseas cheap led lights. The plants are loving this light. the plants have almost double in size compared to the other lights. Ive Emailed a couple of times and got a response within the hour. This company is unbelievable with the product and the customer satisfaction, I highly recommend everybody trying a timber light. In fact im ordering one right now as we speak Brian

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