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Coverage Area: 2 x 5 for full cycle/flowering
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425 Watt LED grow light fixture featuring Vero29 Gen 7 COB LEDs. Ideal for growing indoors in a greenhouse, tent or over a farming table. Using best-of-breed components the Model 4VL is a full spectrum white COB LED light designed to cover up to a 2'x5' or 2.5'x4' coverage area for full cycle/flowering use. The unit comes fully assembled (as shown) and ready to hang.

Please note, reflectors as shown are no longer available.  Recent integrated sphere testing has shown a loss of almost 8-10% in PAR wattage using the reflectors vs not.  Additionally, the light is able to be operated closer to the canopy with even PAR spread.



10-12 Square Feet at 18 inches above canopy (full cycle/flowering usage)

PPFD:  995 μmol/m²s


POWER (120-277 VAC):

Total Wattage:  425 Watts (~3.6A @ 120V; ~1.8A @ 240V)

PPF:  1020 μmol/s  

PPE:  2.4 μmol/J  



Fixture Dimensions:  42 x 10 x 4 (in)

Weight:  18.4 (lb)

Power Cord Length:  10 Feet

Daisy Chain Capable:  Yes

Dimmable:  10-100% Output



All our lights are custom built to order in San Diego, CA.  Our current lead time is 15 business days.  If your order is time sensitive, please contact sales@timbergrowlights.com for assistance.

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4VL Review
Written by Mario Falsetta on Nov 5th 2021

Received two 4VL lights from Timbergrowlights. They took about a month to be constructed and the shipping took a few more days. The wait is totally worth it! The products are very beautiful and solid. I plugged them in and turned them on and it was like a little sun was beaming in my room. I can’t wait to try and grow things with them, excited!

4VL (4000K)
Written by Kraig Gonyo on Oct 19th 2020

This is my first LED veg light and it is blowing away all expectations! This light reminds me of the old saying, "You get what you give", I give my plants this light in veg and the plants get ready for flower quicker than ever!! Shorter veg time compared to T5's. The build quality on this light is fantastic and the components are top notch. I really love that that this light uses to separate meanwell drivers. TOP NOTCH!

This light is way brighter than I expected!
Written by Paulie on Oct 6th 2020

These lights are much brighter than I expected! I would reccomend them to anyone who is on the fence!

Written by Israel S. on Sep 1st 2020

Took a while Before I got them, but the wait was worth it; great quality lamps, forgot to add the hangers witch is a must!!!!!!!!! look forward to seeing the girls under these beauty's......THANK YOU TIMBER GROW LIGHTS !!!!

Written by UnclePappy on Aug 7th 2020

I researched for over a year before buying my first 4vl last year. Recently I came back for another. I see no need to play with quantum boards or other concepts when this light does more than I ever dreamed it could. Fat ass yields, healthy fast lush growth, a nice 2.5'x5' area coverage, and insane light penetration. When I run this baby at 75% I notice very little if any heat. I will be buying another next year. This is a quality light built to last forever.

Written by Thomas Butler on Jul 13th 2020

Great lights and all plants that I have exposed to these lights, love them and respond very well. I use a straight 3500 color arrangement. Veg and fruit and flower production is better than all previous led lighting systems I have used. Will buy again as long as quality is this good.

Took forever to get
Written by Ethan F. on Jul 1st 2020

This thing kicks a** . If your trying to grow top notch dank and have nodes tighter then a Japanese lock. Then I would buy this photo blaster. Just don't expect it to be here anytime soon

Dan is the man
Written by mr X on Mar 25th 2020

The plants pray to this incredible beast of a light...If u are not a covert to LED then this light is your savior!! Keep up the great work DAN...

Timber lights
Written by todd parish on Oct 29th 2019

While there was a later shipping date than planned. Timber kept me informed along the way. Everything was packed tight and arrived in perfect condition. I have only used them for a couple weeks now. So far so good. I have noticed a big difference in stretch, and internode spacing between the plants in different tents with different lights. 2 strains are going under different lights to see the difference. With the Timber light I am getting hardly any stretch at all. The internode spacing is as tight as I have seen in any plants during the first 3 weeks of stretch. Not sure what this means yet.

What a great company!
Written by Jason on Oct 26th 2019

Before I purchased from Timber, I had no personal experience growing with led lights. I was in the process of expanding my grow, and it became clear that the numerous 1000w hid systems I needed were going to be a real nightmare to manage temps. I started researching led lighting and only wanted the best. Every forum I read and every page I found spoke very highly of Dan and Timber Systems. So I emailed Dan to ask him some questions about what to get based on my room layout, which color spectrum, and wiring specifics, and after quickly contacting me back with very detailed answers, I knew this was it. I pulled the trigger on 12 4VL units and couldn't be happier! They arrived quickly, they are quality build, and put out intense lighting! I am running over 5000 actual watts with these leds and with proper ventilation an air conditioner isn't even needed! I love the ease of dialing up each one individually as well! Excellent customer service directly from the owner, top notch product, fast shipping from across the country, and I will definitely order more as I expand!

Written by Jonah on Aug 15th 2019

Starting off with a "1200W" LED off amazon going to the 4VL, you realize the power difference with the 4VL when you're bending over in the tent and feel the intense heat beaming off the COB LEDs, watch your hair! Killer gains with growth. Where light is everything, this product comes through. Also really awesome customer service!

Pure Awesomeness!!
Written by Matt on Jun 7th 2019

My light was very well packaged and very easy to install. This thing is awesome for sure. It arrived a day early and I am very pleased and 100% satisfied with my purchase. Thanks again Timber!

4lv 3500
Written by Adrian M. on Feb 9th 2019

I got this light over a year ago & it became my primary light immediately. I use it for veg and roll right into flower. I use it for clones and sprouts, its a great light!

Model 4vl grow lights
Written by Thomas on Dec 11th 2018

I am a home grower growing my medication for close to 7 years now. I started out with 1000w HID and HPS lights. Satisfied with results with plants growth and yields but controlling heat and energy costs are not very practical. I switched to LED about 2.5 years ago, very satisfied with energy costs but not with plant growth or yields. I have tried several different LED brands which I will not name but these lights have received awards and acclaim. I do research thoroughly before deciding on purchases and I DO NOT BUY CHEAP CHINESE MADE AMAZON SOLD LIGHTS!!!!! After researching for better lights because I was disappointed in the my results, I came across Timber grow lights. After sound research and corresponding with Timber sales associates I decided on the 4VL based on my grow space. I have been tremendously impressed to say the least so far with the results that I have gotten from these lights. My plants love them and respond in a way that I have not gotten from previous 2 brands of LED and with HID and HPS. I am currently still in veg stage so haven't gotten to the flower stage as of yet, so not able to comment on yields but will update once that stage is reached. I will definitely consider purchasing these lights or other products from Timber Grow again. I am very pleased so far.

Model 4VL
Written by GirlWhoGrows on Jul 17th 2018

These fixtures are absolutely everything I expected and more in terms of quality build, the yield they produce and the customer service at the other end of the phone. I'm a single woman who wasn't born a lighting expert, but after extensive research, I found Dan. He was immensely helpful explaining cob technology and after we discussed the specifications of my grow area and my expectations from the fixtures, he guided me directly to the right fixture for me. I began collecting fixtures slowly, ordering one, then another and then three more. I have never had an issue with any of the fixtures and I know if a problem arises, Dan will walk me through it. The design lends itself to being very customizable and I expect I'll be using these fixtures perpetually for a very long time to come. Thank you, Dan, for all you've done for my grows!

Vero 400 watt
Written by Mike on Nov 5th 2017

Communication was excellent! Receive the light in the estimated time frame and was well packaged. This light is extremely bright and very professionally put together. I have to admit this light is flawless to be a DIY light set up. Thanks Timber!!

Grow Lights
Written by Steve S. on Sep 21st 2017

Light is very bright plants love it the only think i wished that it had a remote dimmer cant wait to get full run in

Vero 400w
Written by Chaz on Jun 6th 2017

Excellent communication throughout the process. Shipping time met quoted lead time. The construction and quality are perfect and the light is beautiful. Would definitely recommend.

400w vero29 liniar framework
Written by Patrick on Mar 25th 2017

Received the light a few days ago, and wow this thing puts out a ton of light and the plants love it. Packaging was excellent, everything was bubble wrapped, and then bubble wrapped again not to mention the cobs themselves were covered in hard plastic to protect the lights. The light itself is very sturdy, and very bright. It does get a bit on the warm side so I would recommend that if you do buy one of these get a couple small clip fans to blow across the heat sinks, that seemed to help quite a bit as far as Temps go. I'll definitely be picking up a couple more of these in the near future to fill out the grow and veg rooms.

Written by Eric M on Jan 3rd 2017

Good light, build quality is on point. Only had a chance to run it for a couple of days but has met my expectations so far.

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