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Quintet of Daisies (5)

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size: 20.00 W × 14.00 H × 8.00 L
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on All Components
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
Coverage Area: 4 x 4 (full cycle/flowering)
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A set of (5) of our Daisy pendant style lights featuring the Vero29 Generation 7 COB LEDs. These lights come fully assembled and ready to hang out of the box.  The driver (dimmable) is capable of being located outside the growing space, reducing heat.  

Each Daisy pendant light runs at 95 Watts and is passively cooled (no fans).  Able to be hung individually, or as an array, each comes with a fixed mounting loop easily suspended from a ratchet strap for quick installation. Total power consumption (@the wall) for the five lights is 475 watts.  Designed to be standalone units, or add them in as supplemental lights in your existing installation.

Learn more about Timber Daisy pendant style lights here.



Varies based on application - a quintet of Daisy Fixtures (5) will generally cover up to a 16 sq ft area (4'x4') for flowering/full cycle and up to 32 sq ft (5.5'x5.5') for veg/clones.


POWER (120-277 VAC):

Total Wattage:  475W (~4.0A @ 120V; ~2.0A @ 240V)

PPF:  1140 μmol/s  




Weight:  1.2 (lb/ea)

Power Cord Length:  6 Feet

Mounting Hardware:  Individual suspension and waterproof interconnect

Dimmable:  10-100% Output



All our lights are custom built to order in San Diego, CA. The current lead time from order placement to shipment is approximately 1-2 business days.

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