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Our most popular light to flower or run a full cycle grow over a 4'x4' area, the Redwood is a 620 Watt LED grow light fixture featuring Vero29 Generation 7 COB LEDs. This unit is dimmable and comes ready to assemble and hang out of the box.  

Please note, reflectors as shown are no longer available.  Recent integrated sphere testing has shown a loss of almost 8-10% in PAR wattage using the reflectors vs not.  Additionally, the light is able to be operated closer to the canopy with even PAR spread.

The Redwood VS ships ready to assemble - simply attach the side rails using the enclosed hex key wrench.  



16 Square Feet at 18 inches above canopy

PPFD:  990 μmol/m²/s  


POWER (120-277 VAC):

Total Wattage:  620W (~5.2A @ 120V; ~2.6A @ 240V)

PPF:  1480 μmol/s  

PPE:  2.4 μmol/J  



Fixture Dimensions:  42 x 24 x 4 (in)

Weight:  31 (lb)

Power Cord Length:  10 Feet

Mounting Hardware:  Ratchet Straps (adjustable)

Dimmable:  10-100% Output



All our lights are custom built to order in San Diego, CA.  Our current lead time is 15 business days.  If your order is time sensitive, please contact sales@timbergrowlights.com for assistance.

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Written by Scott on Jul 29th 2021

I'm not one to normally leave reviews on anything but these lights are absolutely insane and built like a TANK. I own this Redwood VS for flowering @ 3500k and a pair of the Timbergrow daisies I have over two moms @ 4000k. I easily pull from this Redwood VS what I do using a 1,000 watt HPS in flowering but with way less heat. I love the way they're built, the beautiful green heatsinks and frame will obviously last for many decades and it's so straight forward. If a single COB goes bad in the future, just replace the COB and you're good to go and with the power supply the same thing, it's like a tank light array built to last and last and is easily serviceable in the future. The LED grow light boxes on Amazon from other companies with a million fans and mini LEDs in them are a joke by comparison IMO as so much can go wrong.... you buy those things and within 4 months, 7 of the 100 lights go out (this has been my personal experience with two different companies fan box nightmares), the fans end up going bad it's just a crapshoot gamble nightmare that ends up in a garbage dumpster as half the fans stop working and 1/4 of the LEDs are out the day after the warranty ends. I've been growing for close to 20 years and will add that if you're a medical patient and starting to grow your own meds and are just trying to do a 4' x 4'/4' x 8' grow in a spare bedroom and knock it out of the park LOOK NO FURTHER, you are in the right place and looking at the right light if you're reading this review. I will NEVER stop using the Redwood series of Timbergrow's lights as they are the absolute BOMB.

Top notch light
Written by Jp on Nov 5th 2020

Great light, highly recommended

Best lights I have ever used
Written by Jonathan E Hallisey on Oct 1st 2020

I dont think i will be going anywhere else for lighting again. Amazon has nothing close to what timber grow lights offers. Worth every penny. Unique design and great customer service pave the way for an excellent product!

Nice build quality
Written by SK on Aug 18th 2020

This light is a great value and has excellent build quality. No need to look anywhere else. Be sure to wear some sunglasses and a hat when working near these. They barely produce any heat when fully dimmed. When turned up all the way they are significantly cooler than traditional HID lighting. Timber's estimated build completion date was spot on. When fully dimmed, these can be placed within a foot of the canopy. When turned up, keep these 1.5-2 feet from canopy to gauge plant's sensitivity. I would definitely buy again. After two flowering cycles, this system pays for itself as compared to single ended HPS/MH systems. 35-40% lower operating costs as compared to HPS due to lower cooling requirements and more efficient LED diodes.

Written by Flatrate on Jul 28th 2020

Based on my experience using Timbers when I decided to expand and set up two 4X4's I never even considered anything else! I called the order in and as always had nice chat with Dan. After a short wait two Redwood VS's were delivered in mint condition. Lights up a 4X4 with ease, plenty of power!

Written by josh on Jul 21st 2020

Great light just to be frank, covers very well

Written by Conor Kelly on Jul 9th 2020

5 stars! Superb penetration, low heat, covers whole 4x4, Dans the man, whole team over there is awesome!

Written by Billy on Jun 5th 2020

Super high-quality product. I am a 2 time buyer. Replaced all my HPS with these LEDs. Could not be more satisfied. Seriously, if you haven’t done it yet it’s time to do it.

Redwood VS
Written by Chris on May 28th 2020

These lights are hands down the best on the market! They a re remarkably bright but yet run very cool! The shipping was stealthy and well protected with bubble wrap! The dimming feature is amazing! Installation was very easy with ratchet hangers, I did it by myself but it’s probably easier with two people. Overall an amazing light and the customer service is just as amazing! Dan and everyone and timber are always was super helpful With any questions you may have! Reaching out on their website in the chat mode is perfect and runs super smoothly, some of my questions carried over into emails because they were so extensive and the timber team was always there to answer! Thanks timber!!! One love<3

Redwood VS
Written by Big Z on May 26th 2020

Highly recommend, LOVE IT. Definitely a upgrade for me, went from using 600w HPS and they look dim in comparison to the redwood. Excited to see how they perform in flower.

Redwood vs
Written by Nathan Peterson on Jan 26th 2020

I love this light. Worth every penny. I’ll only purchase LEDs from Timber and HLG

The Balls....
Written by TonyNuggets on Jan 2nd 2020

If you're a car lover your dream would be for the semi truck backing into your driveway to offload your brand new Bugatti.... ... if you're an indoor grower, your dream is the UPS driver carrying your brand new Timber grow lights up to your front door... ... best in the business, don't waste your time looking into anything else

Really Impressive Lights
Written by Zack on Nov 20th 2019

These lights are really well built with strong materials. I’ve been impressed by the low heat output and I’ve yet to add the extra fans I ordered for the heat sinks. The cabling is well managed and the power supply is high quality and everything has ran well. They’re also very responsive to customer questions, I’d highly recommend to anyone

Built to last
Written by Ronald Rose on Oct 30th 2019

I was so impressed with my full cycle Redwood, I ordered a full flower. Quality construction, excellent customer service. Plus Dan, and Carlos answer the phone when you call.

Redwood VS
Written by C Wilson on Sep 11th 2019

So far so good, seedlings are coming along nicely! Thanks Dan

5 stars
Written by James on Sep 3rd 2019

Comparing to hps and cmh-- Improved quality, more consistent product, significantly less heat, DRAMATICALLY increased yield. I am really after quality which this light improved--but the difference in yield is wild. Icing on the cake, Dan is a baller and will patiently answer your questions on the phone while you feel like a child and learn all about light. I am keen to experiment with the spectrum as I believe there is still a lot in the knowledge department to be desired there. Overall though timbers are great

Written by Malik Naddaf on Jul 26th 2019


Redwood VS
Written by Jeff on Jul 2nd 2019

Package came without issue. Haven't see anything that well packed and protected in ages. Well built fixture. Heavy duty. Strong Worked right out of the box. Very excited. Thank You.

Timber Redwood
Written by Fenton on Jun 8th 2019

To start with this light came packaged extremely well. After unpacking it I did a once over to inspect it for any damage and that’s when I noticed the quality. I’m a huge fan of beefy high quality material and that is exactly what I received. Hanging the light with the ratcheting straps I purchased along side the light made it a snap. Plugging it in I immediately went to my favorite option on this light , the dimmer. I love the option of controlling how much intensity this light affords me. Other high end brands charge extra for the dimmer so I was moved in the direction of the Redwood early on. With the side by side that Buildasoil is doing with theirs this really solidified my decision. As I am just getting started using this light so far the lack of heat is the greatest benefit. I feel I will be extremely satisfied with the growing results based on all of the other initial qualities. Thank you for a quality light I feel was money well spent.

Great quality and even better service!
Written by Anthony daCosta on Jun 4th 2019

Ordered these lights to test out and have been very happy with the performance. Dans customer service is unbeatable.

Redwood VS
Written by Derick Wilder on Mar 7th 2019

This light is great. Best light I have ever bought. Well made and the specs match up to what is provided online. I would recommend this light to everyone in a 4x4 space.

Redwood VS
Written by Kevin on Feb 14th 2019

I have 9 of these and love them, will keep buying. Out performs 400W T5 in veg on lowest dimmed setting. Quality of bud is better than HPS in flower

Written by Malik N. on Jan 25th 2019

Amazing products ,staff ,and shipping time

Great light and awesome customer service
Written by @beau_grows on Nov 15th 2018

Timber grow lights is a top notch company with a great affordable product that performs as advertised. The redwood vs fixture is extremely bright and the plants love it. Along with that you get the amazing customer support, truly a great company and I am happy to be a repeat customer.

Written by Jon on Oct 22nd 2018

Both the product and support are exceptional. I was concerned about heat compared to a sealed air cooled hood setup with 1000w HID. That concern seems laughable now that I've gotten the Redwood VS and plugged it in. The dimmer is very useful and at full power this light is absolutely brighter than a 1000w single ended bulb. Looking forward to running it for a long time!

Super Impressed!!!!!!!
Written by Jethro on May 16th 2018

Hello everyone first I would like to thank DAN and his team @Timber_Grow_Lights For the awesome American craftsmanship on their lights! I recently purchased the Redwood ve 600w fixture thanx to Dans advise super helpful and answered all of my questions I am thoroughly convinced I have the best of the best. The shipping was discreet and shipped promptly. Packed very well with thick bubble wrap {multi layered) I plugged the light in and all’s I can say is wow!!!! I feel like a know d at Christmas! The quality is on point and the price and service is spectacular! Can’t say enough goods things Dan you have a customer for life, thank you also timber team . If your looking to buy A+++ cob led light at a great price look no further pull the trigger on this light I guarantee you won’t regret the purchase!

Redwood VS 3000k
Written by John on Mar 10th 2018

I recently purchased two of these light fixtures to place in a 4x8 tent replacing a 600watt HPS air cooled hood and 4x4 tent. I talked with Dan on a recommendation from a fellow enthusiast over at THCFarmer and he was able to recommend the fixture that would be best for my needs along with answering any questions I had. After installation the one thing I noticed after running them for a few hours is that they are super,super bright and didn't produce nearly the heat of an HPS. In fact,the only cooling I'm using at the moment is a box fan blowing across the heat sinks.This may change but for now it's working perfectly.I really believe this was a great investment into the future of my hobby and from what I've seen from others,a game changer.One other thing is the dimmer knob.I absolutely love it as it makes a huge difference when you have to get in there and root around though some good glasses are still recommended. Working on my first grow with them and have just flipped,can't wait to see the results. I would recommend this fixture to everyone who is thinking about putting that HPS away for good.

Vero 29 Redwood vs
Written by Bob B. on Feb 19th 2018

This lamp upped my game. Record dry wt yields for me 2 runs in a row. Very very close to 1gm/watt dried/trimmed & in the can. Organically grown SOG in soil (Coots mix), nothing but water FTW. Plants grow pretty large so be prepared!!

Redwood VS
Written by Jason on Feb 17th 2018

I'm loving this light and so are the plants! Will be ordering another for the room. Dimmer is a great feature and build quality is on point. Best investment that I've made for my garden.

vero29 4x4
Written by Landon on Dec 7th 2017

I recently purchased 2 of these units. I cannot believe how cool they run. 1200watts draw in a 10x5 tent, my tent sits at 79 degrees. Super well built, ill be buying some more very soon. Thanks timber!

Vero 600 framework
Written by Christoff on May 28th 2017

It came well packed and on time. I love the dimmable feature and its very sturdy frame. Very bright and uniform light spread. Lights my 4x4 better than my platinum 300 and virgin borneo led light together. Very excited to see what the vero 600 can do in the yield department. Um very pleased so far with my purchase thanks to Dan for answering all my questions.

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