A few testimonials from our customers...

 "The product and service from Timbergrowlights.com is amazing! The light kit is competitively priced and super easy to assemble ( I am a novice). The service though was amazing, they go above and beyond anything you need, even sending a minor part needed.  I've checked many other sites too and they're the best. Dan at Timbergrowlights.com took as much time as I needed to assist me.  I have two set ups running now and plan on buying more. Love it! - Jeff

 "Received my Timber today. Thanks for the extra care in packaging, everything arrived safe and sound." - Tim

 "Plants are loving it and budset is very good. Thank u again for the service. So glad I bought timber and am going to buy another after this flower run." - John R.

 "There was still 1 square ft footprint I could have worked with. I underestimated the coverage area. That's why I am doing 1 plant under each cob and that will max the coverage area out and should get 500-600g this run from my 2 CXB200 lights without too much effort." - Duane

  "I came into my Timber in the most unusual way. I won the contest for Member Of The Year at 420 Magazine, and it was part of the prize package, along with an Advanced DS XML 350 and a Budmaster GOD 6. Quite an upgrade in lights. Obviously, the God panel has become my flowering light. I have three grow spaces I'm running simultaneously and one of them holds a singular specimen of Sweet Seeds Dark Devil Auto. This is my online signature strain, a constant in my perpetual grow, and I maintain a community grow journal on the site dedicated to the DDA. A beautiful plant to grow under any conditions, I decided to see what the Timber Vero 240 could offer her.

I'll be honest here and say I know little about LED panels and haven't had the time to dedicate to studying them. I've relied on my online companions to tell me if there's something I need to know that's obvious by my posts that I've missed, so I figured the same would apply with this light panel. I will say that the excitement was high when they discovered it was part of the prize package. I took that as a good sign and it reinforced my decision to dedicate it's use to my signature strain, in the 1' x 2' closet, if in fact it produced as anticipated.

It's exceeded my expectations across the board. For one thing, the spectrum is so close to outdoors that it feels like I have a slice of the outdoors in the corner of my living room, where the plant grows. The closet has no door. I grow it more or less like a houseplant, but under this amazing light. The glow of this panel lends a delightful ambiance to the living space.

But it's what it's doing for my plant that has me really excited about the Timber Vero 240. This is my fifth specimen of the Dark Devil Auto that I've grown over the past year. Each had its own challenges during a terrifying year during which my husband passed away, and they varied in yield and appearance. The strain is known for its rich, deep purple tones.

I'm getting black. Black. It's absolutely stunning and it's generating a certain amount of excitement in the community grow as well as my own personal grow journal. The breeder says 60 days from seedling on this girl, but I figure I've got another two weeks beyond that, because she's at Day 61 in these pictures and she's definitely not ready to quit. That's good news for me, because all she's going to do is get thicker and more coated with resin.

In the spirit of transparency I must confess I let this girl get away from me. She bolted for the light faster than I anticipated and left me with a seriously imbalanced canopy. I'm a fan of surround lighting anyway, so I solved my dilemma by hanging some CFLs around her lower branches. But the difference in the quality of the colas that aren't up in the top of the canopy, soaking up the rays of that beautiful artificial sun are significant. They're still of a good quality because the plant grows in a gold standard living organic soil mix in a third run no-till, so quality buds are a given. The buds up in the canopy are denser, richer in color and may end up with more resin development.

I grow in part for oil production, so the increase in trichome development and quality are what I'm looking for. This panel is doing an exemplary job of creating a sheet of trichomes over the buds and sugar leaves. I'll be using the whole plant when I produce my Concentrated Cannabis Oil and I'm confident that the quality of trichomes on the stems and fan leaves have also increased in number and quality.

I couldn't be happier with the Timber Vero 240. Clean lines, excellent spectrum, quiet operation and a very happy plant that's going to be my best specimen to date. I'll be training the next one better and look forward to watching a decent canopy of twelve tops under the panel in the next run." - SweetSue

 "I am so happy to be blessed with this amazing grow light.  My growing situation is thus: I grow in tents. I had planned on using this led in a 4x2x7 tent.  I watch Jimmy Indy's grows and I am impressed with this light intensity and efficiency. I am literally drooling at what I hope to do with this light." - Steve

"I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and satisfaction with this transaction so far.  Your timely response (something that is severely lacking in many businesses) to my email and status update were somewhat unexpected.  To be honest, I didn't know that your kits went through QA testing prior to shipping.   As a consumer, this makes me feel better about the product I purchased and builds my confidence in your business.  

I am a person that values excellent customer service.  Whether it is an online transaction, retail transaction, or service in a restaurant.  Very rarely do I take the time to compliment someone on the service I receive.  But when it wows me,  I will.  Excellent job!

I tried to design and source a somewhat similar kit through other sources.  However, The complexity of all the different driver and COB variations drove me crazy.  And then trying to source everything including the heatsink, made it more difficult.  Your products take the guesswork out of it and the fact that you do most of the assembly are value-added services to a person like me."  - Dave


"Just wanted to say your customer service is top notch. Had a question earlier today about when my lights would arrive. I was told they would be shipped Thursday which was great since I just ordered on Saturday and now I got an email saying it was shipped. Can't thank you enough I'm currently having issues with light burn and needing this light. 5 stars from me. Thanks again."  - Anonymous


"Light arrived in un-damaged pristine packaging. I appreciated that you shared the tracking info. Thank you for shipping without signature confirmation, at my request.

Product was a solid and clean build. Construction is of the same "erector set" product that we use for building quick frames in the custom machine building industry.

I have been running it side by side with my Kind K5 XL1000. Your light is visibly brighter and runs cool as the Kind, fan cooled light.

No tech data for me.

I am very pleased, and would buy from Dan again. His expertise is worth the price of admission.

BTW - The day I ordered someone had written a review complaining of the cord length. In response, I requested 6' long. I need that extra bulk of 3' length coiled up like a hole in the head..."  - Anonymous


 "Wow, what an excellent product.  All I can say is that I will be buing one again very soon.  Top quality for sure - I wish I would have known about Timber before wasting my money on mass produced inefficient diode panel LEDs.  Dan at Timber was incredible throughout the entire process.  He was responsive to my numerous emails and helped to coach me on the correct light for my needs.  That kind of customer support is almost unheard of these days.  And if he wasn't able to respond, someone from his team would do so instead.  I'm shaking my head in disbelief how customer-oriented this company is.  People, if you are considering getting COBs, this is the place to get them.  You get what you pay for here.  All the components are high-end, there are no short cuts nor inferior parts."  - Jerry C.