Q:  What is a Daisy?

A:  Our latest innovation, the Daisy, brings an easily configurable, cost effective solution with the same performance, and build quality you have come to expect from Timber.  Essentially our fixtures without a frame, these plug and play Daisies come ready to hang out of the box.  No wiring, no soldering, no thermal paste - it's all done for you already.  Just hang and use. 


Available as a trio, or a set of (5) pendant style COB lights, they feature waterproof fused connections, remote mountable power supply, as well as an external dimmer for convenient usage.  All plugs, wires and ratchets included - this system is ready to hang out of the box.


Q:  Why should I purchase a set of Daisy lights?

A:  Our individual Daisy pendant style grow lights come ready to hang and start using out of the box.  They are pre-wired and feature all same grade of components used in our Fixtures.  For those folks who want safety and convenience, these Daisy lights provide top of the line components pre-assembled for safety and ease of installation.  Save the hassle and frustration of DIY kits, pick up some daisies instead.  Each features 4.5 feet of SJOOW wire between each Daisy and the power distribution box so you can place them wherever you please.


Q:  Which Daisy product should I choose?

A:  The best rule of thumb is to have about 30-50 watts of coverage per square foot of growing area.  Our Daisies come in a variety of configurations suited to all sizes of common coverage areas. If you have questions about which are best for your growing needs, send us an email, visit us on chat, or give us a telephone call and we would be happy to assist.


Q:  What color temperature should I choose?

A:  Most customers choose the 3500k color temperature.  This color temperature has been proven by growers to produce the best results in flowering cannabis.  The 3500k color spectrum has a good amount of deep red (620-660 nM) which aids in the flowering stage.

4000k is a good color temperature for vegging and also has many applications well suited for young plants as well as maintenance of mothers/clones.


Q:  Can I mix color temps?

A:  Sure!  We can customize any set of Daisies to include the color temps of your choice.  If you have specific needs let us know - our latest generation Vero29 COB LEDs are available in 1750K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K color temps.


Q:  How much is shipping?

A:  Shipping is calculated at checkout.  We ship by UPS Ground service with Signature Confirmation.  International orders outside the US should contact us at sales@timbergrowlights.com for a shipping quote.  


Q:  Is it hard to assemble a set of Daisies?

A:  No - each Daisy comes ready to hang with a waterproof harness that plugs directly into the driver extension wire(s).  You control your set of Daisies as one array from a dimming and on/off controls standpoint.  The individual hanging nature of the Daisy product enables the user to fine tune placement to suit each growers particular evolving needs. 


Q:  How far apart should my daisies be placed from one another?

A:  We recommend spacing your lights out at 12-14" on center of the COB LES (the yellow part in the center, the light emitting surface).  The closer you place the lights to each other, the more intense your PPFD readings will be over a smaller area.

If you have special needs with respect to custom wire lengths, please contact us and we are happy to assist.